Mrs. Patel's Package + Tea Review

Disclaimer: I received these items from Mrs. Patel's in exchange for a review of the products. As always all opinions are honest and my own.

Fenugreek Chocolate Bar

I'm a breastfeeding mama who had her heart set on exclusively breastfeeding her babe. Like everything else in this world my breastfeeding journey has not been perfect. We have had to supplement formula due to my supply. Luckily Mrs. Patel's granted me the opportunity to try their lactation products and it has increased my supply! While I am still trying to create a pumping routine I truly believe that the combonation of the following products has helped my supply: Fenugreek Bars (Chocolate) + Milk Water Tea (Chai Spice) and Munch Crunch

Fenugreek Bars

Flavor Provided: Chocolate 

Flavors Avaliable & Price:  Chocolate {$24}, Peanut Butter {$24}, Salted Carmel White Chocolate {$26}, Salted Carmel Dark Chocolate {$28} Chocolate & PB {$26}, Combo {$24}, Original {$22}, Gluten Free & Vegan Chocolate {$26}, Gluten Free & Vegan Original {$26}

Product Review

Taste: 5/5 - I was pleasently surprised at home much I enjoyed these! I found myself craving them -- or maybe just craving chocolate, but nonetheless -- and they were the perfect snack or breakfast add on.

Texture: 5/5 - I was expecting them to be grainy and seedy, but they weren't! Super smooth texture. They suggest keeping them in the fridge which I think helps with the consistancy. 

Price: 4/5 - $2/bar may seem a little steep, but for the results I saw I would happily pay $24 for a box!

Milk Water Tea

Flavor Provided: Chai Spice

Flavors Avaliable & Price: Chai Spice {$12} & Herbal {$12}

Product Review

Taste: 4/5 - As a lover of Chai tea I was impressed with the unique flavor of this tea. I added almond milk & honey to mine! 

Other Comments: Be sure to purchase a tea steeper! This is a loose leaf tea. I also love that it doesn't have caffiene. I was able to drink 2 to 3 cups of this per day without getting the jitters. 

Munch Crunch

Product Price: $5 

Product Review

Taste: 3/5 - I wasn't a huge fan of the taste of this product, but I love the concept. 

Other Comments: I added this to oatmeal and peanut butter toast. I think it would also make a great salad topper. Definetly the best value on the website! 

My breastfeeding essentials: Body Armor, PB Toast + Munch Crunch, Water and Chai Spice Milk Water Tea

Add Munch Crunch to yogurt for a quick on the go boost!

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Next on my wish list? Salted Carmel White Chocolate Fenugreek Bars!

Thank you to Mrs. Patel's for allowing me to try & review these products, as well as help increase my supply for my littlest love. 


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